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We can help your child communicate effectively.
speech therapist during a session with a little boy

What is Speech Therapy (ST)?

Speech therapy is characterized as the assessment and treatment of speech disorders and communication problems. It is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLP’s), who are also referred to as a speech therapist. This form of therapy is an intervention service wherein the speech therapist focuses on improving a client’s abilities to understand and express language, including non-verbal language. The SLP will provide training and education to family/caregivers and other professionals in the areas of speech-language, communication, and swallowing disorders.

Communication includes:

  • Speech production (articulation/phonological skills)
  • Fluency
  • Language (syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic skills)
  • Social communication
  • Voice
  • Cognitive communication
  • While swallowing features related to feeding and swallowing

Does your child have trouble pronouncing words?

Speech therapy will help improve language development, communication, and pragmatic language skills.

Does my child need Speech Therapy?

Even children with excellent pronunciation and early readers might struggle with “pragmatic” language for everyday purposes such as making requests, making friends or having a conversation.